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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Water - A God Given Gift for Life

Hi Art,

Greetings !

Remember me Douglas"Dodo" Monsanto?  Your Brother in KofC and very close friend and advocator in human relationship promotion for respect, unity, faith, fraternity, love, patriotism.  Name it, Art has the heart of all of dignity and core values. How are you and your family doing now Art.

THE CITY OF WATERFALLS-ILIGAN CITY is a very intriguing name that means Iligan has plenty of water.  A God Given Gift for Life.  

Every human being has to have water (80%)to sustain or inflate our body otherwise it will collapse without it and precious air.  

Just imagine fresh water from the Lake Lanao cascading down towards the Iligan Bay shores.  Whereas the Middle Eastern Countries have to draw salt water then purify them into potable water since they do not have fresh water and falls like Iligan.

Sad to know that Iligan City itself is short of water supply specially at this time at the aftermath of Typhoon Sendong.  

Digging water thru the Deep Well Process are still in the drawing board at all times until now.  

Why can these waterfall be a great source for dam construction to gather the volume of water at strategic locations and install piping system to bring it to each Barangay/Purok.  

Maybe a provision for small Hydro Electric Power Plants can also be incorporated.  I have communicated this idea to Bill Bacareza, Nono Catolico, Christine Orbe , Fermore Ogoc who are in the City's Planning & Development Offices with retirees from NPC like Simeon Clerigo, Roger Remollo etc...

Art with your ability to spread productive information/ideas those City Officials maybe awaken to do very urgent/priority projects needed by the people of Iligan City NOW.

Best wishes for a prosperous New Year.  God Bless us all.

Photo credit:  Jelo Pacana

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